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Pass Now, Fix Later?

Measure 3 wipes out almost every law about marijuana. Everything that addresses marijuana under current law - in any way - would be repealed. The only things specifically noted in the measure that would be illegal are the sale of marijuana to anyone under 21; the distribution of marijuana to anyone under 21, and for anyone under the age of 21 to possess marijuana.

Supporters of recreational marijuana say North Dakotans should remove all laws now and trust the legislature to clean up the mess later.

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Too Risky

The legislature could try to fix Measure 3, but will it and how will it?

Voters should never approve something based on a
chance that a future legislature might fix it.

Every piece of legislation -- and Measure 3 is legislation -- should be judged on what it says, not what it might say in the future.
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Since Measure 3 is an initiated measure, it would require two-thirds of the North Dakota House of Representatives and two-thirds of the North Dakota Senate to approve all of the laws necessary to "fix" all the problems with Measure 3.
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No Laws for Months?

If the measure passes, it would become law in North Dakota 30 days after passage - which would be December 6th.

The legislature does not meet until January and even then it would take some time to draft legislation, hold hearings, and have two-thirds of both chambers agree to all the details -- if that is at all possible.
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