The North Dakota Catholic Conference Opposes Measure 5

Our hearts and compassion go out to those suffering from untreatable pain and nausea. Our society should never give up on finding help for those in need. We feel, however, that Measure 5 is not the answer.

The established medical community, including the North Dakota Medical Association, opposes Measure 5 for several reasons, most importantly because of the potential safety issues involved with using a substance not approved by the FDA to treat a medical condition. In addition, the measure is estimated to cost nearly $7.3 million in the first biennium. At a time of constrained state budgets and serious needs - including the needs in behavioral health and substance abuse - North Dakota can ill afford to unwisely spend money on potentially dangerous experiments outside the mainstream of medical practice.

The conference has no position on Measures 1 through 4.

Ballot Measures

Constitutional Measure No. 1
Prohibits an individual from serving in the legislative assembly, unless the individual lives in the district from which he or she was selected.

Constitutional Measure No. 2
Allows the legislative assembly to use any excess principal balance of the foundation aid stabilization fund for education-related purposes under certain conditions.

Constitutional Measure No. 3
Initiated Constitutional Measure No. 3 would add a new section to Article I of the North Dakota Constitution which would provide certain rights to victims of crime in this state, including the right to prevent the disclosure of confidential information about the victim; to refuse or limit questioning of the victim; to notice of, and presence at, court proceedings; and to notice of release or escape of the accused.

Initiated Statutory Measure No. 4
Initiated Statutory Constitutional Measure No. 4 would increase in the excise tax on cigarettes from $0.44 to $2.20 per package of twenty cigarettes, as well as an increase in the excise tax on cigars from 28% to 56% of the wholesale purchase price on other tobacco products. All revenues received under this measure would be allocated among the State's general fund, the veterans' tobacco trust fund, and the community health trust fund.

Initiated Statutory Measure No. 5
This initiated measure provides for the medical use of marijuana for defined medical conditions. The Act would create provisions for monitoring, inventorying, dispensing, cultivating and growing marijuana to be regulated and enforced by the Department of Health.

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